Compline is pleased to announce that, henceforth, all of our books in print will be distributed for free to the public. For the price of shipping, we will send you a copy of our newest books, including brand new editions by Tyrone Williams, alex cruse, Taylor Brady, Thom Donovan and Michael Cross. Click on the "in print" link to learn about our newest offerings. Furthermore, all of our books will be posted as free PDF editions for download and distribution in our archive.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can pick up our new books in person (obviating shipping cost) at E.M. Wolfman Books (410 13th St. Oakland). Stop by the shop, pick up some new Compline editions for free, and support the bookstore and other Bay Area small presses. 

Finally, feel free to suggest a local venue in your neighborhood to serve as a distribution hub for Compline books. If you send on an address and contact, Compline will send a box of books on behalf of the artists in your local community.

Thank you for supporting Compline and other small poetry presses!